May 13, 2013

Interface Unigraphics NX 7 Gateway

The following figure shows the typical layout NX7 window when it opened. It file is Unigraphics NX7 gate where you can choose the modules to work, such as models,Manufacturing etc... Must note that the toolbar may not be exactly the same position Of the screen as shown below. Toolbar can be placed at any location or position on the screen, look for the same set of icons.

1. Gateway Zone function
Title Bar:
Title Bar displays the following information.
• Name of the currently displayed part
• Name of part time work is
• If read only work part
• If the work part has been modified after the last time saved

Apr 14, 2013

Begining Drafting in Siemens NX 8

This is a new method that created Siemens NX 8 in the preparation of electricity, it makes the design more efficient, faster when handling orders, parts, because the more specific component in the preparation of course, to begin with the preparation of power, you have to choose the strength of the preparation after clicking start - Siemens NX, first environment was like in the picture below.

it does not look much different from previous versions, but keep in mind is only suitable for power drafting drafting process, it is not suitable when used for designing or modeling.

Apr 11, 2013

Understanding Function of the Mouse - NX Tutor

When we use to design and work on UGS NX, 80% of the work using the mouse, so when studying the function of the mouse button is the basis for working faster in the UGS, basically mouse button on UGS NX divided into three buttons:

1. MB1 is left button
2. MB2 is scroll button or center button of mouse.
3. MB3 is right button.